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  • Align with corporate culture.
  • Complement existing board and management team.
  • Reduce your risk of mis-hiring senior leaders.
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  • Ready to assume greater responsibilities.
  • Manage and lead change.
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  • Capable of working independently.
  • Can lead teams and hit the ground running.
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HumanEdge Global recruits top executive and professional talent from across Canada and around the world. We deliver better results by searching across our deep network of industry contacts, customizing each search to your specific requirements and proactively targeting superior candidates that will succeed in your unique environment.


Finding the very best talent for you requires a deep understanding of your priorities and culture. Our Client Partners invest the time to build this strong relationship, using their extensive executive experience in operations and HR to understand the business context of your recruitment needs so we can deliver superior results, now and into the future.


As a boutique search firm, our ability to be flexible and responsive is key to our success. We are able to customize our approach to searches, adapting to your unique requirements for confidentiality, urgency, and geographical scope in order to deliver the best candidates in the marketplace, even in challenging search situations.


Our extensive network of senior contacts across Canada’s major talent pools allows us to quickly identify the industries and specific companies where your top candidates are working now. By proactively marketing your opportunity to selectively targeted individuals with the skills to meet your unique needs, we increase both the number and quality of candidates who consider your opportunity.


Delivering superior results begins with a superior effort. For each search, our Client Partners assemble a team that brings deep industry connections and decades of experience. The team is dedicated to the search from start to finish, typically investing several person months to target, source, screen and verify candidates’ skills, ensuring a perfect fit. This allows us to back the quality of our candidates with the best warranty in the business, bar none.

With offices from Vancouver to Toronto, we are proud to offer our brand of friendly, responsive service to clients across Canada. Our mission is to recruit candidates that make a significant positive impact in the business operations of our clients. That is how our clients measure success. That is what we deliver.

Finding talent is our talent

Our Leadership Team

Amolak Grewal

President & CEO

Vanore Voaklander

Director, Executive & Professional Search

Norine Pike

Director, Executive & Professional Search

Paul Richards

Office Managing Partner,

Ken Casey

Office Managing Partner,

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